Sustainability throughout the supply chain

-Nonwovens used in wipes are often made from renewable friendly fibers such as viscose, cotton or even PLA from corn.

-Industrial wipes enhance worker safety and keep contaminants out of our waterways by avoiding laundering of rags.

-Wipes weigh less and take up less shelf space at the retailer than bottles of liquid in a rigid container.

-Flexible packaging, also known as flat packs or peel & seal, have very little post consumer waste for landfill.

-The energy cost to produce a film roll of 100,000 impressions is less than it takes to produce 100,000 plastic containers.

-A truck that holds 40,000 empty containers going to be filled, could hold several million impressions of film for packaging.

-The same truck returning will hold 40,000 filled containers but could carry several hundred thousand flexible packages of wipes.

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